About Us

The Nebraska Appaloosa Club was previously known as MR/NARC (Many Rivers/Nebraska Appaloosa Regional Cub). In 2001, the name was changed to Nebraska Appaloosa Club (NAC). NAC is required to hold two meetings per year.

A NAC family membership allows all dependent members of the family who are of eligible age for youth to ride, show, etc. for points. Once a youth becomes a non-pro, the non-pro is no longer considered under their parent’s family membership.

The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) members serving three-year terms and two (2) members that are appointed for a one-year term. Three (3) directors are elected at each annual fall meeting. A director serving a full term must wait a full year before being re-elected to the Board.

NAC also holds an Annual Trail Ride, in addition to the Spring meeting and the Fall Awards Banquet.

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Download the NAC Bylaws